What is ShoeKonnect?

ShoeKonnect provides entrepreneurs of the footwear industry with a free mobile app account on which you can showcase your business, maintain list of business associates and communicate through live chat.

You can find sellers of desired footwear or components on the comprehensive product listing. You can also post your own listing. The privacy settings are robust and you have complete control over your privacy.

SK App

User-friendly Mobile Interface

Set up an account, maintain list of business associates and communicate through live chat.

Robust Privacy

Keep your clients hidden. Choose who can see your posts and sample room.

Product Listing

Comprehensive list of types of footwear and components. Find the sellers of desired footwear/ component type. You can also post your own listings.


Recruit footwear designers, merchandisers and factory managers through a listing of job seekers.

How will ShoeKonnect benefit you?

Footwear Industry on One Platform

You on one platform with the entire footwear industry – Connect with businesses, communicate through live chat, exchange information and products, and grow.

Global Recognition

Get yourself recognized globally – Your business profile and enhanced communication will help expand your business network beyond geographical boundaries.

Buyers and Sellers-A Click Away

Find the buyers and sellers of different types of footwear and components here and connect with them.

Cost Effectiveness

Businessmen can create their professional profiles, keep themselves updated, post requirements and offers, place orders, and create links online – all for free!